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BIE AI in Radiology 2024

Experience the forefront of medical imaging at the BIE AI in Radiology event. Engage with global AI leaders, explore real-world applications, and advance machine learning in healthcare.

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What is Digital Breast Tomosynthesis?

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) revolutionizes mammography by offering 3D imaging, overcoming the limitations of 2D. DBT’s multi-angle approach reduces tissue overlap, improving accuracy.

Traditional mammography often misses abnormalities due to overlapping tissue, unlike DBT which captures 3D breast images from various angles. Its superior screening accuracy has led to widespread adoption by healthcare providers, who advocate for a combined approach with 2D mammography.

Join us in exploring the transformative potential of DBT in breast imaging at the BIE CEM & DBT 2024 program.

What is Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography?

CEM, or Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography, emerges as a potent diagnostic ally in breast imaging. Operating akin to breast MRI, CEM employs intravenous contrast to illuminate cancerous lesions, circumventing the challenges posed by dense breast tissue. Its applications extend to problem-solving and screening in women with dense breasts.

In our interactive course, participants delve into CEM with an evidence-based and unbiased perspective. Attendees grasp the technical intricacies of CEM and acquaint themselves with its clinical applications through real-life examples. Interactive discussions facilitate the acquisition of practical knowledge, while case readings hone diagnostic skills.

Join us to explore the transformative potential of CEM and elevate your expertise in breast imaging.

Course Overview

Welcome to the BIE AI in Radiology event, your gateway to the future of AI in healthcare. This premier gathering will explore the transformative impact of AI on radiology, featuring insights from global AI and healthcare leaders.

  • Visionary Talks: Hear from renowned AI experts and industry leaders on the latest advancements and future trends in AI-driven radiology.

  • Practical Implementation: Discover opportunities, challenges, and innovative approaches in AI integration. Learn how to navigate regulatory landscapes and adopt best practices.

  • Case Studies: Explore real-world examples of successful AI applications in radiology, highlighting improved diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

  • Upskilling Sessions: Enhance your expertise with sessions designed to upskill delegates on all aspects of AI in health, from foundational concepts to advanced applications.


At the end of the course, the attendees would be able to –

  • Delve into the latest educational advancements and research findings in AI and radiology.
  • Explore practical applications of AI in radiological practice.
  • Present case studies and examples that demonstrate the effectiveness, challenges, and outcomes of AI applications in medical imaging.
  • Update participants on the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and regulatory developments.

Key Features of the course

  • Discover how AI is transforming radiology and shaping the future of medical imaging and diagnostics.
  • Engage with renowned AI experts and industry leaders through feature talks, gaining insights into the latest advancements and future trends.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of AI integration, exploring opportunities, challenges, and innovative approaches currently being tested.
  • Receive comprehensive guidance on navigating the regulatory landscape, adopting best practices, and establishing ongoing monitoring systems.
  • Interact directly with esteemed AI experts from academia, clinical practice, and industry.
  • Participate in advancing machine learning-based solutions into practical, real-world use.


  • Breast and General Radiologists
  • Clinical and Health Professionals
  • Breast Surgeons
  • Radiology Residents
  • Radiology/ Surgery Fellows
  • Radiographers
  • AI Enthusiasts


Thank you for your interest in submitting your abstract to BIE GRAND 2024. We welcome all interested individuals or groups to share their research and educational works.

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Opening Date15 March 2024
Abstract Submission Deadline30 June 2024
Abstract Acceptance Notification15 July 2024
Presenter Registration Deadline20 July 2024
Final Presentation Submission of Accepted Papers/Posters25 July 2024


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Course Director's Message

As we witness the rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in diagnostic medical imaging, it’s crucial to acknowledge its profound impact. AI showcases remarkable accuracy and sensitivity, revolutionizing the identification of imaging abnormalities and augmenting tissue-based detection and characterization. In this track, we delve into the technical advancements of clinical machine learning and unveil compelling use cases in radiology, shaping the future of healthcare.

Join us for an enriching educational experience from the comfort of your own space. Let’s elevate the use of AI in Radiology together.

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BIE programs are top rated and loved by all

Here's what past attendees say about the course


Attending the BIE Immerse 2023 event was a game-changer for me. The speakers' expertise and the breadth of topics covered were unparalleled. From discussions on state-of-the-art imaging technologies to practical insights into diagnostic strategies, every session was a revelation. The event fostered an environment conducive to networking and learning, leaving me with a renewed sense of passion and purpose in my radiology practice.

Ma. Theresa S. Buenaflor


Thank you so much for this very informative and extensive program. The updates on breast imaging, NAC, and DCIS were incredibly valuable. As a radiologist, staying current with advancements in these areas is crucial, and your event provided exactly that. The sessions were well-organized and presented by experts in the field, making the learning experience both engaging and enriching. I appreciate the effort that went into curating such relevant content and providing a platform for meaningful discussions. This event has undoubtedly enhanced my knowledge and will positively impact my practice. Looking forward to attending future events organized by your team.



Attending BIE Immerse 2023 radiology event provided invaluable insights, especially on CEM biopsy procedures. The session's clarity and depth illuminated the intricacies of this technique, leaving me with a profound understanding of its applications in clinical practice. Moreover, the event's meticulous structural organization ensured seamless navigation through topics, enhancing the learning experience. I commend the organizers for curating such an informative and well-structured event. It's events like these that truly elevate the standards of radiology education and empower professionals to excel in their practice.



The lineup of speakers was truly remarkable, offering insights and expertise that exceeded my expectations. As someone keen on continuous learning, I found the online format to be convenient and accessible. I particularly appreciated the excellence of the speakers, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. Moving forward, I hope to see more online programs from BIEDX, as they provide a valuable platform for knowledge exchange. Additionally, incorporating a session with a case-based approach would be immensely beneficial, allowing attendees to delve deeper into practical applications. Overall, I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate and eagerly anticipate future events.

Randa Sabour Elshahat Taha Edris


I recently attended BIEDX's radiology event and was thoroughly impressed. The sessions were not only informative but also exceptionally well-organized. I particularly appreciated the comprehensive coverage of topics, including a detailed discussion on CEM biopsy procedures, which provided valuable insights into this crucial aspect of radiology. The event's structure was well thought out, ensuring a seamless flow of information. Overall, I left the event feeling enlightened and grateful for the opportunity to learn from experts in the field. A big thank you to the organizers for their dedication to excellence!

Hessah Saad Alshehri

Saudi Arabia


  • Date: 26th – 27th Oct 2024
  • Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm SGT
  • Venue: Online


  • Usual Price: USD 1598.00* 
  • Super-Early Bird: USD 1598 USD 399.00* (May 05, 2024 – May 31, 2024)
  • Early-Bird: USD 1598 USD 449.00* (June 01, 2024 – June 30, 2024)
  • Regular: USD 1598 USD 599.00* (July 01, 2024 – August 31, 2024)
  • Late: USD 1598 USD 749.00* (Sep 01, 2024 – Sep 30, 2024)
  • Late+: USD 1598 USD 999.00* (From Oct 01, 2024)
  • Attractive Group discount available:
    Group of 3-4: 5% discount
    Group of 5-9: 10% discount
    Group of 10 and above: 15% discount
  • To avail of the group discount, one person (group leader) will pay the total fee on behalf of the group.

For payment via Credit/Debit card, please click the Register Now button below.

For Bank Transfer or Installment payment, please send a request to or WhatsApp at +65-89525405.

*charges are as applicable

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