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BIEDX.COM helps you get your products and services in front of the radiology and surgery professionals who need them. 

Our wide range of advertising opportunities enables you to boost brand awareness, enhance website traffic, establish yourself as a thought leader, successfully launch products, and drive lead generation.

Sidebar Banners – Ads placed on the sidebar of various pages. 

Header & Footer Banners – Prominent Position at the top or bottom of the pages.


Side Banners for Desktop300X250
Header & Footer Banners for Desktop728 X 150
Header & Footer Banners for Mobile 300 X 100

Blog Posts – Sponsored Articles that provide valuable content to promote the advertiser’s product or service. 

Newsletters – Sponsored section within email newsletters sent to our subscriber base.

Social Media Posts – Sponsored content on social media channels.

Event Speaker
Social Media Post 1080 X 1080
Blog Post 3 Images Allowed, Should be in webp format

In-content ads – Ads that blend seamlessly with the content, appearing as part of the editorial flow. 

Product Placements – Featuring the advertiser’s products within relevant articles or reviews.


Dedicated Email Blasts – Entire email dedicated to the advertiser’s message, sent to your mailing list. 

Sponsored email sections – Advertisements included within regular newsletters.


Image for Email728 X 150
Video for EmailLess than 1 MB

Microsites – Small sites or landing pages within, dedicated to the advertiser’s product or service.


Page SizeLess than 1 MB, Image should be in webP format

Webinar and Online Events – Sponsorships of online events, webinars, or virtual conferences hosted by

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